29 May 2004

Bush out of touch? Nah . . .

Mother Jones has a great editorial in its latest issue about how out of touch President Without A Clue and his minions are.

Who's Better Off?

Even George W. Bush's most ardent supporters conceded that his 2004 State of the Union address was, at best, uninspiring. It wasn't just the president's bizarre inclusion of that most pressing of national problems, steroids in professional sports—a topic that received more presidential attention than the environment or energy policy. Nor was it simply his ludicrous insistence that his tax cuts for the wealthy were creating jobs, or his gall in referring yet again to those nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. No, what was most sobering was how out of touch the president was with the problems that America now faces. . .

Read the rest here. Okay, I'll lay off the political shit for the day.

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