26 May 2004

No shit

MSNBC Breaking News

Ashcroft says 'credible' al-Qaida threat to U.S. in 'next few months.' -
Attorney General John Ashcroft says there's "credible intelligence" that al-Qaida plans an attack in the U.S. "in the next few months."

No shit, Sherlock. But does Gestapo Chief Ashcroft have any specifics? No. I thought this Homeland Security Administration was supposed to be a clearinghouse to sort intelligence and get it to the proper agency? What in Hell has the FBI been doing over the last 21/2 years? You should see Attorney General I-lost-my-senate-seat-to-a-dead-man and the buffoon HSA Chief Tom Ridge up there telling us about these new guys that are trying to kill us. Assholes. We ain't even found the old guys yet and we have new ones to worry about? I'm just praying I'm within the blast radius when NYC goes up in a mushroom cloud. After serving in SAC for two years, I know too well about the effects of radiation sickness. I live and work too close to get away unscathed, or even injured and live, It's just a matter of how fast I go and how much I suffer in the interim. I'd rather be vaporized in the initial blast, thank you. And Bush actually thinks we're safer now after he's pissed off everybody in the world. Shit, I wouldn't be surprised if the Frogs and the Krauts want to nuke us. How did this moron get elected?

Update 15:03; Kevin at Lean Left delves a little deeper into how Bush is losing the War on Terror.

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