26 May 2004

Fleet Week

Mrs. Fixer just reminded me via email that it is Fleet Week here in NYC. This is to give me the heads up that she will be especially amorous tonight. Mrs. F digs a guy in uniform and there's a bunch of sailors running around the city. Even though I'm an old wing wiper, I do have to admit that nothing beats Navy Dress Whites. The Jarheads have nice dress uniforms too.

This brings me to another subject, somewhat related. Mrs. F loves watching JAG and Navy NCIS. I have opinions about all these shows about the squids, but that's for another day. My point was that because Mrs. F watches them religiously, so do I and last Friday's JAG was the season finale.

I always liked the character of Admiral Chegwidden, reminding me of some good COs I had, guys you'd walk into Hell with because you knew they'd lead you back out the other side. Now, in the finale, the Admiral retired and I'm sad to see him go, but, I have an idea for the show that I'd like to see.

Bring back Alison Krennick! And bring back Andrea Thompson to play her. Yowza, talk about a woman who looks good in uniform. (We had a saying when I was in: 98% of the women in the world were beautiful and the other 2% were in the Air Force.) They could do it for me, since I don't work in NYC and get to look at the young ladies in dress whites as Mrs. F watches the men. I'd be appreciative, Mr. Bellisario.

The good thing is, a lusty Mrs. F is coming home to me. Eat your heart out, Officer-boy!

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