27 May 2004


Remember the Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Eagle K-cars? The mid-'80s to mid-'90s Acclaims, Reliants, and Summits? Well, today was K-car day, about 15 of our customers own them and they're making me CRAZY. They're all at the age where anything that can break, will. The cars, not the customers, although most of them are old too. It's tough telling a little old lady that the car was crap when it was new and it's gotten steadily worse from there. The 2.2/2.5L engines had crap cylinder heads when they rolled off the assembly line (the cams wore out quicker than shit) and now they're starting to spit rockers. They make a wicked dent in the oil baffle inside the valve cover, but we've been managing to slip the damn things back in and keep the cars running.

I feel bad for the old folks because they're trying to keep the car going as long as they do. Judging from the looks of them in both cases, it won't be too long. Some of our customers are OLD. So, if your K-car sounds like a diesel, get rid of it or expect problems.

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