22 May 2004

The Left Lane

Tell me why people have to get in the left lane and do 50 mph? The left lane is for idiots like me who drive everywhere at 80. If you don't want some moron in a truck climbing all over your aft end, move over. The left lane is not your personal motorway, it's for people who are willing to pay the fine for doing the crime and we don't need you enforcing the law for us. I have places to see and people to do . . . something like that.

The reason I bring this up is because we just came back from one of Mrs. Fixer's shopping excursions (You'll hear more about those in the future) and some genius with his kid in the back seat had to slam on the brakes when I came up on him. He don't know me very well. He and his kid were almost a red stain on the Jersey barrier. Lucky for him, Mrs. Fixer was sitting next to me (we were also in Mrs. Fixer's Explorer) and all he got was the finger and a few chioce words as I went around him. As usual, Mrs. Fixer rolled her eyes. (She's used to me by now)

My point is that most of the idiots on the road are that way because folkswon't yield the left lane to faster-moving vehicles. Think about it the next time you're on the highway. If you're going the same speed as the lane to your right, you probably should be there.

Ahh, I feel better now.

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