29 May 2004

Gestapo Chief Ashcroft

As I've told you, my mom was German. She grew up during the depression, when Europe was bankrupt and in ruins after WW I. Thanks to her and other members of my German family, I got a good idea of what was happening there during Hitler's rise to power and the horrible consequences of that. So when I read this by Melanie over at Just a Bump in the Beltway, many similarities came to mind. Namely how Nazi propaganda was weaved into every statement released by Berlin. Josef Goebbels was one of the best that ever lived (when it came to pure opinion-making and population manipulation) and it seems the Bush administration went to same school. And, like his Nazi counterpart, SS Chief Heinrich Himmler, Ashcroft follows the Neocon Party Line perfectly, shoveling political bullshit in the guise of an anti-terror warning.

The official explanation, that Mr. Ashcroft just wanted to show pictures of wanted terrorists, deepened the confusion. His comments, and those of other officials, about terrorists perhaps wanting to disrupt the election, presumably to hurt the incumbent, were horribly inappropriate.

At a time when public vigilance is undeniably important, the administration needs to be far more competent and consistent — and apolitical — when it talks about threats.

Look, you might think I'm crazy, but from what I've heard about Germany in 1933, the similarities between Hitler's rise and corruption of Germany, and Christo-Fascist takeover of the Executive and Congress in the U.S. are striking. Mark my words, even if Kerry is elected President in November, the Bush crowd will do something to hold power. If there is another terrorist attack on U.S. soil of the magnitude of 9/11 or greater, expect President/Emperor Being-President-makes-my-dick-bigger Bush will declare martial law and suspend the elections "to ensure order at this time of emergency". Guys like this don't give up just because a majority of the population wants them to.

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