27 May 2004

This Weekend

If you're a car guy (or gal. Pardon me, you politically correct busybodies, but I use the term 'guy' for everybody, regardless of gender. Get over yourself.) you know that the NASCAR Coca Cola 600 is this weekend, along with the Indianapolis 500. If you have to choose, watch the NASCAR event. It's better than watching those whiny Indy car prima donnas (almost as bad as the F-1 girls. Schumacher wins again, no shit), although NASCAR is developing it's own crop of whiny bitches (Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, and others).

Anyway, while you're watching your sports, stuffing your face and swilling alcohol at your barbecue (not that it's a bad thing), pulling your dick, whatever, remember the reason for this three day weekend. Remember that without the people in uniform who've made the ultimate sacrifice, you wouldn't have half of what you do. I'm not asking you to do anything but remind yourself and your rotten kids that this weekend isn't just another excuse to get drunk and stupid in the backyard (not that it's a bad thing). And remind yourself and your ankle-biters that there are guys making that sacrifice as we speak. Guys like me and Harry are lucky, we made it through Hell and back with our skins and our minds intact (Mrs Fixer and Mrs. Harry might disagree with the minds part), but there are a bunch of guys in Bethesda and Walter Reed, and the local VA Hospitals, who barely got out of Hell with their lives, but parts of their bodies and minds remain behind. Honor them this weekend as well. Raise the glass in toast to our honored dead, or go volunteer at your local VA if you're so inclined, but most of all just remember. You don't want Harry, Indian, and me to come to your house and make you remember, do ya?

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