24 May 2004

The President on TV

President I'm-fucking-up-the-nation will be on the tube tonight. I'm not going to watch him because after three years he's proven himself to be a lying sack of shit. I won't believe anything he says and I'll get the high(low)lights of his buffoonery on the morning news at 4:30 when I wake up. What a moron. I can't wait until November.

I'll be watching Deep Space Nine reruns on Spike with Mrs. F before we go to bed. DS9 is my favorite of the Star Trek series. Yay Spike TV.

UPDATE: I just heard President Dipshit is going to be at Normandy for the D-Day memorial this year, the 60th anniversary. I wonder how those brave honorable souls feel to have their sacrifice commemorated by a man who doesn't know the meaning of the words brave, honorable, and sacrifice. If he did, he wouldn't be squandering lives in pursuit of vengeance.

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Anonymous said...

Your boss is the greatest...... He is one in a million, honest, caring, & I could go on & on forever. "G & H" stands for "God & Harry" in my book. He fixed my jeep when NOBODY else was able to find the real problem. I was working the Midnight to 8am shift at the local hospital & my jeep was
stalling everytime I'd go to slow down. As always I took "Back Dark Roads" to work & if I broke down I'd be up the Bloody River........ I've been getting all of cars fixed since 1989 by the one & only Harry.