28 May 2004

Friday, Friday, Fri-day!

I love Fridays, especially when Mrs. Fixer gets out early from work, especially when it's a 3-day weekend. Remember what I said about this being a special weekend.

Anyway, I'm off to the mines. For those who are interested, Mrs. F seems receptive to me buying the Mercedes I fell in love with at The Benzmeister's place yesterday.

A thought before I go. Just because I'm a godless, left-wing, commie-pinko, baby-killing nut, doesn't mean that I don't like Republicans. The problem is that many true Conservative Republicans are being smeared by the Christo-Fascist brush. I have the greatest respect for Senators McCain, Ben 'Nighthorse' Campbell, and John Warner.

Democratic Veteran illustrates how Warner stands up for his principles and for what's right, no matter what the Neocon idiots say.

With that, have a good day!

Update: Also at Dem Vet. What did they say about Nixon? It's not the crime, it's the cover up that brings you down. I do believe we have a cover up on our hands.

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