26 May 2004

Ed update

As I mentioned previously, Almost Dead Ed, our office weenie is in the hospital.

Monday, 24 May 2004

On a personal note: Almost-Dead Ed, our admin guy (Office Bitch) went back into the hospital this weekend. He's suffering from Scleraderma (sp?), terminal unfortunately hence the nickname. He's in Stage III of the disease and his breathing has been getting worse. This sucks because it's increased the workload for the Indian and me, having to answer the phone and make out bills when Harry isn't around. We're trying to figure a way to hook Ed up to a machine in the office so he can resume his duties. Don't look at me like that, good help is hard to find and we're going to get all we can out of him. The slacker, hanging around with pretty nurses. Oy!!! To be serious for a minute, not many people would come to work in the condition he's been in over the last couple years and to say Ed is inspiring doesn't do him justice. I am constantly impressed with his work ethic and his determination and I am privileged to call him a friend. Feel better and hurry back you belligerent old bastard. Mrs. F made chocolates for ya!

Well, they got him stable and an IV of something or another in his arm. They're going to try and treat his symptoms with prescription meds so he can go home. We can't wait to spring him because Indian and I have to answer the phones and make bills while the slacker is lying in the hospital. Shit, we could have hooked him up with an IV in the office and he could have been working the last couple days. Some people. Sheesh. Anyway, we actually do wish him well and hope he gets better soon. Work's piling up, Ed. Oh, and the chocolates, well . . . Harry ate them all. Sorry, but never forget, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. See ya soon, pal.

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