10 August 2004

Where were you

When the shit hit the fan?

Chicago-AP, August 10, 2004) — A nice day on the Chicago River suddenly turned foul when black, smelly gunk landed on tourists.

"I can only presume that perhaps it's human waste. There was a very strong smell to it," said Anita Pedersen, spokeswoman for the tour boat company.

Witnesses on the Chicago's Little Lady architecture tour Sunday saw a large black tour bus dumping liquid waste as their boat cruised under a bridge, Pedersen said. More than 100 passengers were on the boat when the waste poured onto the upper, open deck.

Pedersen said some boat passengers wrote down partial license plate numbers of the bus.

A spokesman said police were investigating. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago also were investigating the matter, said Illinois EPA spokesman Rob Sulski.

Pedersen said the passengers got refunds.

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Yeah, I know. I'm infantile, but toilet humor still cracks me up.

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