20 August 2004


Got this from Bubba. This happened in Knoxville, Tennessee, but it could happen anywhere. Pay attention:

On the same note as the consumer notice from Mrs. Bubba, I thought I might share this with you. I think this is a scam that is active here in the area, but no one seems to be interested in following up. I've contacted Don Dare at Channel 6 and Shirley Nash-Pitts at Channel 8. At least I got an acknowledgement from Ms. Nash-Pitts, but other than that, nothing. I'm being ignored by the KPD, the store where this occurred and the media. So, I've decided to tell my story in every possible opportunity.

On July 28, 2004 at approximately 6:15 p.m. my AmSouth check card was intentionally switched by the clerk at [a convenience store on] Kingston Pike (I was the only person other than the clerk in the store). I made a transaction and was given an AmSouth check card that was identical to my own (except for the name). Unfortunately, I did not notice that the name was different until I tried to make an ATM transaction the next day. I immediately notified the bank, but the suspect or co-conspirators had already charged approximately $3,800 in merchandise fraudulently to my checking account. They used the card at the [convenience store], Wal-Mart, Bi-Lo, Pilot and Texaco.

I have been working with Jim Quick of the KPD, but the investigation seems to be moving very slowly. I took it upon myself to call the headquarters of [convenience store] located in Cleveland, TN. I have been told that I need to speak with "Tom" the District Manager in order to obtain the video surveillance tapes and copies of the fraudulent charge slips. However, I have left several messages for Tom, beginning on Monday, August 2nd. All of my calls have gone unreturned. In addition, I sent a letter via FedEx to the corporate office on August 4th and have yet to get a response.

Investigator Quick spoke to the lady whose card I was given. He informed me that she too lost her card at the [convenience store] on Kingston Pike about a month ago. It is very possible that those who did this are using my card to defraud someone else.

Fortunately, Visa will cover the charges to my checking account. However, I have spent a great amount of time trying to make sure this does not happen to someone else.

Might be a good practice to make sure you have the correct card when you get it back from the thieving clerk.

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