09 July 2004

World Court ruling

From Al-Jazeera:

The World Court has ruled that Israel must immediately stop its construction of the West Bank barrier, saying it is tantamount to annexation and in violation of international humanitarian law.

The Hague-based court ruled on Friday that parts encroaching on Palestinian territory should be dismantled and Israel must pay compensation for damage caused by the West Bank wall.

"The wall … cannot be justified by military exigencies or by the requirements of national security or public order," said Judge Shi Jiuyong of China

"The construction of such a wall accordingly constitutes breaches by Israel of its obligations under the applicable international humanitarian law."

[. . .]

Israel has said it will not accept a ruling from the ICJ on the network of fences, ditches and concrete wall it says it is building to keep out bombers. Palestinians call it a land grab that destroys their hopes of a viable state.

[. . .]

Egyptian international law specialist Abd Allah Asha'al told Aljazeera that the ruling was the biggest defeat for Israel internationally.

The ruling was a great victory for the Palestinians, Asha'al said.

Asha'al denied that the court ruling was non-binding. He cited the case of Namibia where the court's opinion had an impact on its eventual independence from South Africa.

Ash'al said the UN was committed to the court's ruling.

I've commented on this before. My first reaction to the ruling is 'good'. But after talking with The Head Heeb, I can understand the need for the wall. It is probably the only way to curtail the border incursions into Israeli settlements and cities. I just wish they'd build it within the Green Line [Israeli Territory] instead of cutting through Palestinian towns. Moving out of the West Bank after the fence is finished would also go a long way to ease tensions. I mean, you know the Israelis aren't going to comply with the Court's decree.

I'm probably done for the night. Alter X over at The Alternate Brain is going home to Jersey to visit mommy and daddy and little sister, so I guess I'll be posting over there too this weekend. Got my fingers crossed for the internship X is trying to get.

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