19 July 2004

Vacation, not mine

From Clare at Kicking Ass:

Job security worries force Bush vacation cut backs

Don't misunderestimate George Bush's commitment to his campaign. For the first time since he took office, Bush will only spend half of the month of August at his Crawford, TX getaway, rather than the whole month. Though Bush took August off while there were terrorist warnings in '01, impending war in '02 and sustained job losses in '03, this August apparently necessitates an abbreviated respite due to the more pressing concerns of a campaign year.

With over 300 days of his Presidency spent on his ranch or at Camp David, Bush has spent more time on vacation in four years than most Americans take over their entire careers. While neither war nor terrorism warnings nor an ailing economy have ever made Bush cut his vacation short, now that his own job is on the line, he's finally willing to show up for work.

Aw, poor baby. Ain't like he's going to use the two weeks to better our lot. He's worried that he'll lose his no-show job.

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