13 July 2004

Oh, am I really?

President Handpuppet said today that America is safer today than when he took office. Fine. Then how come we're basically expecting a terrorist attack before the election? Wasn't that nitwit Ridge on TV just the other day saying we have an almost-orange terror threat? I guess we're safer because we know this, but then they tell us to go shopping. President Shit-for-brains, Governor Pataki, Mayor Trollberg, they're all tell us to spend money. I mean it's our responsibility to keep the economy going, right? Gotta spend that fucking tax cut.

Call me silly, but I don't remember Bill Clinton or one of his minions telling me about an imminent attack and then to go shopping. That's the upside of these threats for the Mrs., although she doesn't need a Presidential decree to go shopping.

Now, I'm a 'kill 'em all and let God sort out the mess' kinda guy and that's the way I think we should fight any war against our true enemies. It's the way we should have fought the war in Afghanistan. Fuck 'em, level the place. Fuck that outsourcing shit we did there with the Northern Alliance. We should have carpet bombed from the fucking Pakistani border to Iran and all points north and south. If anybody survived, we'd send the infantry and armor in to determine friend or foe. Guess what? Odds are we should have got Osama bin Forgotten and most of the heirarchy. What do we do? We send 20,000 troops in and bribe the friendlier (or more mercenary) groups of cutthroats to kill the others. And then what do we do? We attack fucking Iraq.

Iraq who the U.S. Navy and the RAF flew Combat Air Patrols over 60% of the country. We had Saddam contained, we could watch him, and best of all, we weren't losing American lives. But no we have to take over. We basically looted them, and when the yelling started, we gave them 'sovereignty'. You know what we have there now? A mini-Afghanistan, before we rearranged the rocks. Yeah, I feel safer, now that more people have more reasons to blow my ass up. Fucking idiots. I think I'll go shopping.

Update 18:45: MaxSpeak has something to say on the subject as well:

There are people who want to kill us all, something to which I take exception. Now if you are spying on these people to find out and thwart their plans, why would you make announcements that hint at what information you have gleaned, in the absence of the wherewithal to actually round up the would-be miscreants? Doesn't that tip off the bad guys on where to tighten up their security?

[. . .]

Instead of holding dog-and-pony shows for the press, shouldn't that chump Tom Ridge be figuring out how to ascertain whether a small plane flying towards the Capitol is a threat or just the governor of Kentucky?

Yeah! Like he says, MaxSpeak, you listen!

Update 19:00: Juan Cole has his $0.02 to add:

Some honest US officials in Iraq are finally admitting that US forces are not meeting a vanguard of international terrorism there but rather some 20,000 angry Baathists who fear for the fate of Sunni Arabs in the new regime.

[. . .]

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