07 July 2004


Remember my standard bitch, the one I used yesterday on The X over at TAB?

For somebody who was a gleam in their daddy's eye the time I was killing Communists . . .

Well, some of those Communists I'd dispatched were from north of the DMZ. The North Koreans were trying to get nukes as far back as 1980, back then, trying to get them from one of the Soviet Republics. That's about as far as I'll go, the shit we did there is probably still classified, but my point is that we knew they were after nukes 25 years ago. Reagan knew it, Bush 41 knew it, Clinton knew it, and now President Axis of Evil knows it. But, as my chohort over at TAB, The X points out:

So what do we do about this? From Reuters via MSNBC.

Reuters-July 7, 2004 - Communist North Korea has been building and deploying intermediate range ballistic missiles capable of reaching U.S. military targets in Hawaii and Guam, South Korean newspapers reported Wednesday.

Here is a nation who actually does have nuclear weapons which, unlike Saddam's fictional WMDs, can actually strike U.S. soil. What have we done? Next to nothing, but the Republicans are getting rich in Iraq.

It's been over 20 years since I chased those little bastards through the tunnels under the DMZ, over 20 years since we knew of NK's desire for nukes, and what do we do? We attack Iraq when North Korea can blow Hawaii out of the water. Motherfucking, low-life, stupid, lying bastids. I need a drink now.

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