17 February 2008

It's That Time Again

Today's Daytona 5oo marks the opener for another ten month long season of NASCAR.

I will be the first one to admit I don't follow it nearly as much as I used to.
I know guy's who can rattle off statistics for it like die hard baseball fans can tell you who was on second base in the fourth World Series.
Get a grip.

I grew up with racing, my dad raced little British cars and later Motocross bikes in the seventies.
It can be lots of fun and I do go see a few races over at PIR later in the year but some of this is just overkill.

I watch and enjoy as much as I want and I find it hard to even keep up with who is driving for whom in what kind of car anymore.
I did notice Ford has a much thinner herd in the run this year, oh well, the amount of money it takes to sponsor one team for one year is getting obscene and Chevy and Ford both are looking at some hard times ahead in the sales department.

Good luck to the new talent and old alike.

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