12 November 2007

Where I work* ...

Between Harry, Indian, and me there's about 125 years of automotive experience. We've all built hotrods and custom cars either in our free time or as a vocation.

When we're slow around the shop we like to make shit. Usually modified tools to help us do a job better. One of us will get an idea and the three of us will put our heads together and come up with something. A little welding, a little fabrication, a couple whacks with a hammer, and we got us a great new tool.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but Indian and Mrs. I are avid campers (probably that Cherokee blood). When they're not going to NASCAR races, they're in the mountains. So, the other day, Indian comes up with this great camping accessory for his grill. Now, as I said, with all the experience and wisdom running around, you'd think we'd come up with something revolutionary.


Presenting the Weenie Cooker:

We think it's the greatest thing since the internal combustion engine. Sam, on the other hand, has a different opinion. Heh ...

To quote her: "So my mom is right, boys never grow up."

You betcha, dahlink.

*Part of an ongoing, semi-regular series.

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