10 November 2007

The Green Room

Go check out Jay Leno's eco-friendly garage. Video and photo gallery.

"My thing with the green situation is: Even if you don't believe in global warming, don't you want to screw the oil company or gas company or utility company?"

Oh hell yeah!

His parts cleaners are eco-friendly -- one uses microbes to eat away grease and grime, the other employs ultrasonic cleaning bubbles. Instead of a gas-operated plasma cutter to saw parts out of sheet metal, a water jet does the job using sand. And refillable canisters of brake and carburetor cleaners take the place of throwaway aerosol cans.

Walking over to the power meter to confirm what he'd just read on the computer, he tapped the screen.

"Right now, I'm using all the power I want, and I'm generating more power than I'm using. Why would anybody get mad at you for that? To me, you want to be a good citizen. It's important to try and be a good citizen. And you can."

It's just expensive.

That's the rub, but it's still the dawn of time for solar. The more folks who use it, the cheaper it'll get.

Until the oil & power companies figure out a way to switch the Sun off if you don't pay.

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