11 February 2007

I hate NY 3

Remember a couple months back when I got nailed by an undercover NYS Inspector for doing a 'fradulent inspection'?

As most of you know, I'm a New York State Vehicle Inspector. That means I'm licensed to inspect your car for safety and do emissions testing and issue you a new sticker. Every once in a while, the state slides an undercover test car though. Now, I realize there is a lot of fraud going on when it comes to the issuance of inspection stickers and the need for them to do this. For $150 (as opposed to $37 for a legit inspection), you can go into Brooklyn or Queens and get somebody to put a sticker on your car, no questions asked. But, on the day before Thanksgiving, didja have to set me up?


Well yesterday afternoon I got my hearing date and description of charges against me in the mail.

I forgot to blow the fucking horn.

So, they gave me the option. The state will be happy to take a check from me for $400 now, or I can go to trial on the two counts (one, not checking the horn; two, stipulating that I did check the horn) and face a judge to try to convince him of ... what, that I actually did check the horn (I probably didn't). If he doesn't believe the line of bullshit I think up, it'll cost me $700. What do ya think I'm gonna do? Motherfuckers. This is easy money for NYS and as I said at the time, I know of 8 or 9 shops who got snagged in this sweep in our area alone. Hope you choke on it, assholes.

Tomorrow morning, I'll learn how much it'll cost Harry.


Come to think of it, Samantha's probably gonna learn some new words this week. Heh ...

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