05 February 2007

I get phone calls ...

I get this phone call about 7:15 Friday morning:

Me: Good morning!

Caller: F-man, this is Mr. V. You see I dropped my car off this morning?

Me: Yup.

Mr. V: You gotta look at it. It's shaking so bad I can't drive it. The whole car, the engine, everything is shaking as soon as I take off. Can you figure out what it is?

Me: You mean, aside from the totally flat left rear tire?

Mr. V: No shit?

Me: No shit. You didn't notice it? (needless to say, the car is listing to the left like the Andrea Doria about to give up the ghost)

Mr. V: Can you fix it?

Me: Did you drive it here from your house on the flat?

Mr. V: Yes.

Me: You need a new tire. I'll have it for ya this afternoon.

Mr. V: You're a miracle worker. Bye.

Me: What an idiot.

A word of advice. If your car is doing shit it's never done before, it might be a good idea to stop and look it over before pressing on. Take a walk around your car before you get in it too, maybe?

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