09 June 2007

Goodbye, old friend ...

It chokes me up, but I'll be saying goodbye to my Ford Ranger this Friday. The Mrs. and I got a wild hair this morning after getting a flyer from the Ford dealership advertising rebates on '08 Escapes and we decided to go look. Well, this is what I walked out with an hour ago.

The Ranger was one of the best cars I've ever had and I'll miss it, but the warranty will be up next month and as hard as I am on cars, a big repair (transmission or differential) was in the cards for the near future. I'll be sad but I look forward to driving the more versatile Escape.

The Ranger is/was a sports car (I called it my undercover mid-life crisis car; did you actually think I'd drive a red sports car?) and I only used it as a pickup once and that was to pick up 2 brand new tires from Goodyear for a customer's car.

After 35,000 miles, daily 90+ mph runs on the highway, regular powershifts, and sliding around turns, take my advice and buy a Ranger if you're looking for a small pickup. If I couldn't kill it, it's a good bet it'll take anything a normal person can throw at it.

We'll see what the Escape can take soon enough, won't we? Heh ...

And just a note, because they do treat us so well, we buy all our vehicles (this will be our 6th from them) at:

Newins Bay Shore Ford
219 W Main St.
Bay Shore, NY 11706

If you live in the NY Metro area, you owe it to yourself to give 'em a look before you buy.

And just a clarification, the reason I didn't get another Ranger is because Ford doesn't make the Edge package anymore. The closest thing they had (I had the salesman look) was the STX package and the lowest gear I could get in the differential with a standard transmission was 3.73:1. The Ranger Edge came with 4.11:1 and it was part of the reason the car was so much fun to drive.

And of course I got the 3.0L V-6 in the Escape, the same as in the Ranger. I'm not a fan of the 3.8L V-6 in the least.

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