17 June 2007

3 days on ...

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Well, three days and 150 miles in with the new Escape and the first impression is that it's a solid (the doors sound as solid as the ones in the Explorer when you close 'em) well thought out vehicle.

It has as much power as the Ranger, though the automatic (4 speed overdrive) doesn't leave the line like the standard shift did. Passing power is more than adequate at highway speed.

The car is also comfortable, the seats hug you and seem to adjust indefinitely. I got cloth interior instead of leather so I wouldn't stain the shit out of it (I do drive it to work and the Mrs. always nags at me when I get something on the seats in the Explorer when I take her car) and it's easier to clean if I do.

Ergonomically, the dash is laid out well, even including a digital gas mileage meter to remind me when I'm driving ... wastefully. Heh ... All the controls are easy to get to and easy to read while keeping your eyes on the road. Blind spots are few as well and the oversize side view mirrors make you forget about the few it does have.

The tunes are awesome, the JBL Audiophile 6-CD/MP3 player along with Sirius Satellite Radio. This is my first experience with satellite (it's part of the Ford special on the car, they pick up the subscription for the first 6 months) and I am truly impressed; enough to consider continuing the subscription after the trial period is up. I'm in the car for 60 miles a day in NYC/Long Island traffic, good tunes are a must when my commute can be anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 hours, depending on prevailing conditions.

I'll have more once I put a couple thousand miles on it but at first blush, I'm very happy with it.

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