10 May 2005


May 9 NEW YORK — Tony Danza got quite a scare when he and NASCAR star Rusty Wallace were racing go-karts during the taping of a segment for the nationally syndicated "The Tony Danza Show."

Danza was leading as they entered the final lap Monday morning on West 66th Street, the show said. After Wallace gave Danza's vehicle a little "bump and run," the 54-year-old talk-show host lost control of his go-kart, which flipped over.

[. . .]

Ha! I laugh. First, because I can't stand Tony Danza. Second, because Rusty's my boy. Third, it serves Danza right for agreeing to race a NASCAR driver. You never want to race a NASCAR driver in anything. Didn't he watch Days of Thunder? Idiot, hope it knocked some sense into ya.

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