11 October 2009

Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

I knew about this, but just discovered this video:

Exclusive video inside the Loncin motorcycle factory in Chongqing, China where the BMW650GS engine is manufactured and then shipped to Germany.

For More details, full coverage and photographs visit www.bikeland.org

Here's a factory tour.

Here's one on engine and final assembly. Other than BMW.

Thanks to Bikeland, Anaheim CA.

China is the world's largest producer of motorcycles but I would say that most Chinese motorcycle production is meant to provide little sneezers to replace bicycles, donkeys, water buffaloes, and camels in an emerging Asian market. There are Chinese bikes and scooters here in the U.S. but they haven't caught on in a big way. The word I left out is 'yet'...

They're dirt cheap, but have no dealer network to speak of, and no track record as to reliability, parts availability, etc. For the most part they're funny lookin' too. The same could have been said of Honda and the Japanese motorcycle industry fifty years ago.

Also see: China wants to be your friend. Interesting. Scroll down for some cute if not overly endowed girls. Motorcycles too.

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