04 May 2009

"Oh, please, dad ..."

"Let me borrow the car tonight."

So, dad lets the kid take the car this weekend. This car:

This is how I got it this morning.

What, you say, you didn't know Ferraris came with 4-wheel steering? They don't. This is the left rear wheel.

If this were my dad's car, I'd be dead.


Got the wheel off and found the brake was the only thing holding the wheel on. The kid twisted the axle hub clean off. Shouldn'ta dumped the clutch at 8 grand. Heh ...

Update II:

Got the new spindle and stub axle assembly from Torino and the thing is back to sitting on the ground. The customer will pick it up this afternoon. The bill didn't quite crack 5 figures. Heh ...

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