21 September 2008

The best laid plans ...

As I told ya about 6 weeks ago, I started my temporary 'retirement' at the beginning of the month. I started it off well, taking a nice vacation. So I get home Thursday night and the answering machine had about 10 messages (the first 9 from Mrs. F's clients who forgot she was out of town), the last from my buddy Nunzio who owns the place up the street from the shop.

"F-man, can you call me as soon as you're back?"

Mrs. F called it right away. "The Greek quit and he needs you to help him out."

"And where do I have the time?" I ask her. "I left Harry because it was too much and you want me to go work up the block?"

"He's your friend. Call him," Mrs. F said. "You'll figure something out."

So I call Nunzio (against my better judgment) and it's as the Mrs. thought. I start in 2 weeks from 8 - 12 in the morning until he can find a full-time guy. So much for my time away from fixing cars. Oy!

And, speaking of vacation, I spotted some wild things on the streets of Europe. Click the pics to make big ... very big.

I was in a hurry to get somewhere in Amsterdam when I spotted this GI-looking thing across a canal. I didn't have time to get over there so I zoomed in as best I could. Got any idea what it is?

And when I spotted this parked on the main drag in Amsterdam, I figgered Gord would get a kick out of it. The next amphib for the Marine Corps maybe? Heh ...

And I thought this wood carving in a shop in Florence, Italy a very cool thing.

I told Mrs. F I need one of these to run back and forth to Home Depot with.

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