04 May 2008

Royal Enfield Update

Since most of our snow has gone wherever snow goes in the Spring, me'n Mrs. G are making plans to go to L.A. in a coupla weeks and collect my new motorcycle. Backstory here.

Just for fun, I typed in 'Royal Enfield' at YouTube. That killed a coupla hours, and I found this TV road test. The bike they tested is nearly identical to mine, the differences being that mine is a different color (red & chrome) and has no electric starter. Larry, my old pal from whom I bought it, says that with 6.5:1 compression it'll start if ya sneeze on it. I'm sure Enfield put the 'electric leg' on to entice folks to buy these jets who have heard the apocryphal (if sometimes true - I won't go into the peculiarities of mechanical and manual ignition advance systems here) stories of getting flung over the handlebars whilst kickstarting large displacement one-lungers. Folks today want most of the retro-bike experience.

One little oddity in the video is that there's an A/V glitch right at "the bike will cruise comfortably all day at ________". Hmmmm. 60 MPH? 50 MPH? 30...? I guess I'll find out.

And, oh yeah, my bike has 150 miles on it, so I paid a hell of a lot less than the MSRP. (Big shit-eatin' grin!)

Enjoy. More later.

Just as an afterthought, go see this Asian Royal Enfield commercial. They'd never get away with that in this country!

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