03 March 2008

Where I work* ...

Mrs. W calls me today. "F-man, I'm hearing a noise from the back of my car when I hit the brakes. I don't have time to leave it with you, but could you look at it quick to make sure it's nothing life-threatening?"

"No problem," I say. "Can you bring it up now? I got the lift open."

She says yes and arrives 10 minutes later. I take the car for a quick spin and sure enough, the rears are noisy. I figure it's dust buildup and bring it in. Sam lets me in and I tell her to put it up in the air and take the rear wheels off. Mrs. W is standing there as Sam puts the car up on the lift and the conversation goes something like this.

Mrs. W: Who's this pretty girl?

Me: This is Sam.

Sam: Hi! (waves)

Mrs. W: How did a young girl come to work here.

Me: She came here on an internship program with the local high school.

Mrs. W: She's in high school?

Me: No. She graduated and she's going to college now but we can't get her to go away. It's been a year and a half and we can't get rid of her.

Sam (from the other side of the car): Suck my ass, old man.

Mrs. W: You're teaching her well, F-man.

Me: Thank you, thank you very much.

*Part of an ongoing, semi-regular series.

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