28 August 2006

Temples of vroom

If you're at a loss for what to do the next time you're in Germany, the LATimes has a few suggestions:

In Germany, automakers are in fierce competition to come up with the most jaw-dropping shrines. Car-loving travelers, come peek under the hood.

And why not? Germany's automakers are locked in a fierce competition - reminiscent of medieval city-states' cathedral wars - to see which can build the grandest temple. For travelers tired of schlepping from one Our Lady of Whatever to another, the German automakers' building spree offers a rich new itinerary - showrooms, museums and tours - that traces the technological triumphs of the Automotive Age, the passion for motor sports, the renaissance of postwar Germany and the cost-is-no-object ambitions of brand-name architects.

Also included are VW, Audi, BMW, and Porsche, with links. What, no Opel, NSU, or
Trabant? Horch? I guess there are some German brands best forgotten.

By all means go peek under the hood.

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