01 April 2006


Okay, I've noticed the popularity of the satellite radio services and hardware. A word of advice to those who've gone down that road, have it professionally installed in your car.

More and more, I have to get into cars where there are wires dangling from everywhere, wrapped around shit to take up the excess. This is not safe. It's not safe when I get into your car to bring it in the shop and the sat radio antenna wire lashes my foot to the brake or gas pedal. You know how I'm gonna untie myself, don't ya? Odds are, your shit won't work when I get out.

I don't want to be road testing your shit and the radio head falls off the dash and into my lap, or the wire you hung over the visor falls in my face at 50 mph. It's gonna piss me off if it does and you'll probably wreck your car if it happened to you.

The same goes for all the car adapters for your phone, fax machine, laptop, Sharper Image air freshener, vibrator, whatever. If it flops around when you make a turn, consider it unsafe. In an accident, every little piece of loose shit in your car becomes a missile. Get the crap off the rear deck, get the toys off the dashboard, and keep the wires out from around your ankles. I've said it a million times.

Your car is not your fucking living room, it is transportation. I wish I could fail a car for safety if there is too much crap floating around in it.

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