08 December 2005

Paul Teutul Sr.

Everybody's favorite New York biker is Paul Teutul of Orange County Choppers. There's an interview with him in Newsweek Online.

For a guy who loves building motorcycles, collecting muscle cars and has a walrus mustache streaming across his face, you wouldn't think Paul Teutul Sr.'s favorite beverage would be club soda. But then again his favorite smell is glue. And his best memory is getting sober.

NEWSWEEK: What's in your driveway right now?

Paul Teutul Sr.: Oh geez. I don't know if we have enough time. I have an assortment of muscle cars. I have a '70 GTO, '69 Camaro 427, a 1969 442. I have a '41 Willies, a '33 Ford Hot Rod. I have a 1960 Corvette, 2006 Z06 Corvette - that's a 500 horsepower 'vette, a limited number are made. I have a Mercedes AMG 55, I have a 1970 396 Nova Supersport, I have a 1967 427 Shelby, a 427 Cobra, I have a '67 396 Chevy Nova.

Life's a bitch, huh, Paul? (sigh) Read and enjoy.

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