09 November 2005

Service vs. Oil change

I get asked, "F-man, you talk about service every 3000 miles. What's the difference between a service and an oil change?" Well, my little Lugnuts, let me 'splain.

An oil change is just that. Unscrew the drain plug, drop the oil, unscrew the filter and replace, fill with oil, see ya. We don't do oil changes.

A service entails:

Drive car around the block to see how it drives.

Bring it in, check all the lights, wipers, and horn.

Put it up, remove oil filter, and start oil draining. Pull a front and rear wheel, check brakes and hardware, set tire pressures and check tire wear and condition, check for leaks or unsafe conditions underneath. Check exhaust system for leaks and damage, check suspension for damage and wear, and proper operation. Replace drain plug and filter. Lower car.

Fill with oil. Check condition of belts and hoses. Check fluid levels and top off as necessary. Check anti-freeze protection and adjust as necessary. Check for any anomalies under the hood (frayed wires, damage, etc.), and prepare report for customer. Finally, put a service sticker on the inside of the windshield so the customer knows (easily) when he/she sould bring the car back for the next service.

That'll cost you $50, money well spent for the peace of mind to know nothing unexpected should pop up. If you want anything less, go to Juffy Lube or Auto Spa.

That's the difference between an oil change and a service. What would you rather have done?

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