31 March 2005

Ridgeline Road Test

I reported some time back on the new Honda Ridgeline pickup. Here's the first test I've seen of it, in Newsweek of all places.
Pretty, it's not. Practical, it certainly is. Need to haul 1,500 pounds of cargo? No problem. Want to tow something weighing 5,000 pounds? Sure. Its 3.5-liter, VTEC V-6, 255-horsepower engine is up to the job, and the four-wheel-drive traction works well. It also sports a tighter chassis than some other trucks in its price range, making it a stellar road handler. I felt completely safe plodding through L.A.'s rain-soaked streets during a recent storm; there wasn't a slip from the 17-inch wheels.

Not pretty? I think it looks great.
Still, I noticed one oversight: that all-important visor vanity mirror. Then again, maybe not everyone wants to check her lipstick while hauling 1,500 pounds of drywall.

Oh, that explains it! I always put mine on before I leave the house. Women testing pickups! What'll they think of next?

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