02 February 2005

Honda's New Pickup

Since Honda makes every kind of power product from nose-hair trimmers on up it's about time they came out with a pickup. This article in the LATimes tells about it and has some sociological comment as well.
You might think "Honda" and "pickup" go together like "Bill O'Reilly" and "perfect gentleman," but company execs argue that it has a long history in the light-truck market.

What does it all add up to? A blue-state pickup. The portage duty the Ridgeline is assigned isn't cement, or table saws or lumber (though a 48-inch piece of plywood will sit flat on the bed floor). It's motorcycles and ATVs and climbing gear, the bric-a-brac of affluent leisure. It can't pull a road-grader up a hill but it can haul a 22-foot boat up the ramp at Lake Shasta.

Sounds like a good rig if that's your cup of tea.

Here's something I learned years ago from the President of Triumph Motorcycles America who had been the sales manager at American Honda:

The Honda Corporate Meal Prayer

Hondas are good.
They're fast and they're neat.
The more Hondas we sell,
The more food we can eat.

Look in American garages, boys. Eat hearty.

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