10 November 2004

Great Minds.....

Contemplating conversion to Islam in his despondency over last week's debacle, James Wolcott reconsiders:
Until I can latch on to some religion I can call my own, I am going to make a different committment, which will at least keep me occupied from April to October.

I am going to become a Mets fan. A Yankees fan I could never be, and the hiring of Willie Randolph has persuaded me that the Mets are the team for me. It was a gutsy move, Randolph is a class act, and I'm now looking forward to spring training at Port St. Lucie. If only being a Mets fan didn't entail listening to Fran Healy, just about the worst baseball announcer ever, but most religions require suffering and sacrifice, and Healy fills the bill.

Wolcott is almost as smart as Fixer.

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