21 September 2004

Religious Differences

I have now read all of Fixer's "Wisdom" posts. He's messing with my head. Since yesterday he added about a hundred of them. They're sure worth reading, 'tho, well worth the time, and if you haven't, you should.

However (long pause) I see our first religious difference of opinion. More culturally significant than Dem or Rep, left or right, Miller or Bud, Coke or Pepsi, or legs v. boobs.

He's a Ford man.

Friends don't let friends drive....Fords.

I used to be a Chevy guy, but now I'm in the Mopar camp. He'll probably say I'm a flip-flopper.

If you ask Fixer what FORD stands for, he'll probably tell you it means "First On Race Day."

What it really means is "F**kin' Okies Really Dig 'em."

He probably drinks Pepsi, too.

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