04 July 2004

That's right

Glen at A Brooklyn Bridge gets it EXACTLY right, so I robbed his whole post once again:

Red, White, and Blue City in an Orange State

It's July 4th weekend, and the powers-that-be are trying hard to make jittery people jitterier. Gothamites are being told by the good folks in D.C. to be on the lookout for people with some of the following characteristics: bulky clothing, won't show his/her hands, mumbling prayers....

Mumbling prayers?

Have any of these bright lights ever ridden a New York City subway??? "Mumbling" would be a relief. On my one-stop commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan, I get "saved" once a week.

Yup, we got 'em all in NYC. If you go around reporting strange behavior here, you'd be calling 911 all fucking day. But that's part of what makes this city so great.

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