29 July 2004

One of them days

Don't ask, but know this. If you car was hit bad enough in the nose to deploy your airbags, it needs more help than I can give you. No, we can't take the deployed bags out and let you have the car. They need to be replaced. No, we can't give you two new tires on the front and not replace the bent control arms and struts. Oh, and being that the nose is so swung over to the right, you won't be making too many left turns. Here, let me give you the number of a body shop. Oy!

Gotta go to the tailor tonight. Oy squared! The Mrs. even emailed me so I wouldn't forget. There goes the old short-term memory dodge out the window. I just can't get comfortable with a little old Jewish man running his hands through my pants as my wife watches. Not that there's anything wrong with it. I guess I should take a shower first, huh?

Pleasant dreams.

Oh, and I have excerpts from all the major speeches at the Democratic Convention in Boston and links to the full transcripts at The Alternate Brain if you're interested.

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