17 July 2004

Private avaition

Man, I got a problem with recreational flying for the average Joe Schmo. Seems like every other fucking day, you hear about some nitwit putting a small plane down in a house, on the highway, in the water, or just augurs it into the ground. Remember JFK Jr.? Fucking asshole.

Don't forget, these are the same people you see every day on the road, the same fucking idiots with their heads in their ass. I don't believe the same people who have a problem dealing with left and right should have the option of working with up and down too. Hell, these folks get up and down with their cars and you want to give them a fucking plane? What the fuck are we thinking giving pilots' licenses to everyday assholes? Flying should be left to the professionals, not a bunch of pretentious retards with too much money and free time who think they're Chuck Yeager.

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