24 July 2004


Well, it's been two months since I started this fucking thing and I have to admit I'm enjoying myself. It's a good way to vent, and I feel like I'm doing my part to help get President Dipshit out in November. I give a shit if only like 5 people read it. That's 5 more folks who are thinking instead of just believing the bullshit they hear in the media from the 'pundits'. And, as we saw in Florida 2 yars ago, every vote counts.

My morning is going to be somewhat hectic. Gotta take Mrs. F's little monster to the vet for her checkup and shots. This is a deal becasue the dog looks at a vet visit like a social event. She barks at the other folks in the waiting room for them to come pet her, because she believes they are all there to see her. Once again, I'm gonna get torn a new asshole by the vet because the princess is a little . . . ahem, big boned.

And one more thing from WABC in New York:

(New York-WABC, July 23, 2004) — A member of the Eyewitness News team is hospitalized in New Jersey after an accident during Friday night's storm. Five p.m. anchor, evening reporter and our friend Sade Baderinwa was struck by a car while covering the story in Hackensack.

The driver reportedly was traveling at a high rate of speed, and did not stop. We are told the car was found a short time later. The driver is still at large.

[. . .]

Her family and friends are with her in the hospital, and our thoughts are with her as well.

We will have more on her condition as it becomes available.

As of 6 this morning, she's still hospitalized, but they expect her to make a full recovery. Our prayers are with her. This happens far too often in this area. There are too many assholes driving around without licenses and insurance. Hopefully they get this motherfucker before he actually kills someone. The roads are bad enough with legal assholes like me driving around.

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