10 August 2004

I (heart) NY . . . NOT

Okay, so some stupid Brownie (NYC traffic cop) couldn't write and put my license plate number on a ticket for an '89 Nissan Maxima double parked on Avenue D in Brooklyn. I get a letter the other day from the NYC Parking Violations Bureau, saying they were gonna bend me over and take a $125 fine out my ass. Now, my truck's never been in Brooklyn let alone on Avenue D, so the Mrs. calls PVB and explains the situation. They tell her to go to the local office right near where she works and show them my registration and it'll be all cleared up, right? Well, she just called me that she's still in line. Been there since 3:30 and it's now 5:15. Martini night for sure.

Update: 17:30:

The Mrs. just called. The ticket's dismissed and she was heading to the Subway. God bless our civil servants, they hurried up because the office was due to close at 6.

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