13 August 2004


The Mrs. will be home in a couple hours and I'm a happy camper. And it's FRIDAY! Yay! Too bad the weather's shitty. I have to go to the dry cleaners, but I'm supremely unmotivated to go out in this fucking rain. Bad enough I gotta drive to the airport during rush hour, but that's for a good cause, I don't want to do it twice. So, I'm a bum. I'll be more motivated in the morning.

Update: 14:15:

The Mrs. called from Cincinnati(yes, Charlotte to New York via Cincy). Everything's right on schedule. Yay!

Oh, and I am still looking for a guest blogger over at The Alternate Brain. Leave a message in comments here, or there, if you're interested. Or email me if you want. It's only for the first two weeks in September.

Just because it sounds funny:

"I am a Gay-American." -NJ Governor Jim McGreevey.

So what, I'm a happy idiot.

Update: 18:45:

The Mrs. is home, safe and sound. Yay!

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