12 August 2004

Damn it

I'm just cleaning up my pile o' CDs and I realized I got 4 more disks I haven't loaded. Shit. Just watching the Iraq-Portugal soccer game on MSNBC. The Iraqis are showing themselves well, although I hate soccer. After all the shit these guys (the Iraqis) have had to put up with (Saddam and his son, us), it's god to see them hold their own. This might go more toward winning hearts and minds than anything we can do to 'em. BTW, I have yet to see Womens' Volleyball, dammit.

Update: 14:45:

Iraq scores in the 56th minute. Now 3-2 Iraq.

Update: 15:20:

Iraq scores in Penalty Time. 4-2 Iraq.

Update 15:25:

Iraq wins! 4-2. Good for them, dammit.

One of the better soccer games I've seen in a long time.

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