12 July 2004

Your government at work . . .

Fucking the outspoken. From Kicking Ass:

The American people should be afraid

In the Bush administration, you're never fired for incompetence or held responsible for moral and ethical lapses. But it's become standard operating procedure for people who tell the truth to be thrown out on their butts. It happened to Paul O'Neill, it happened to Larry Lindsey, and now it happened to National Park Service police chief Teresa Chambers.

Chambers did the unthinkable: she pointed out that with the additional homeland security duties required of the park police after September 11, they needed more funds to do their job. The result was a seventh-month long suspension that ended in her firing when she filed for reinstatement.

Chambers put it best:

"The American people should be afraid of this kind of silencing of professionals in any field," she said. "We should be very concerned as American citizens that people who are experts in their field either can't speak up, or, as we're seeing now in the parks service, won't speak up."

Incredible. Well, I'm off to the mines. I can just imagine who broke what this weekend. Later.

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