03 July 2004

Sudan, again

I didn't comment on Colin Powell's quick pass through there this past week, but I guess I should. Cruising around the blogosphere I noticed others putting in their two cents about how disingenuous the visit was. That he was just paying lip service to the problems there. I've made my opinion on the subject well known here and here. Today, I proffer this:

Colin Powell was in the Sudan scouting the area of the next U.S. Theater of Operations. I get the feeling the Administration knows their original plan for Iraq is generally blown and the best they can hope for is a good PR moment if the place doesn't descend into civil war. They won't have control of Iraq's oil production and they probably won't have the ability to conduct operations in other parts of the region (Iran) from within Iraq.

Sudan has OIL, ladies and gentlemen, a government in chaos, and all the characteristics the Bush Administration fancies when deciding to attack someone. Connections to terrorism. Sudan has those, and that is not disputed. I say it is ripe for the picking for President AWOL and VP Halliburton in their never-ending war on terror. If Bush/Cheney is reelected, prepare to see Marines and Kellogg, Brown, and Root trucks rolling through Khartoum in a couple years.

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