08 July 2004

Ken Lay=Lying Asshole

Man, I haven't seen more finger pointing since the panty raid on my 7th Grade Junior High trip. I won't go into details about that, but did you see that dickhead Ken Lay's press conference after he was indicted. Oh yeah, I was in charge, and it was my responsibility that Enron went under, but I did nothing illegal.

He said Fastow, the architect of Enron’s financial house of cards, was largely to blame for the company’s troubles.

“At our core, regrettably, we had a chief financial officer and a few other people who, in fact, mismanaged the company’s balance sheet and finances and enriched themselves in a way that once we got into a stressful environment in the marketplace, the company collapsed,” Lay told the Times.

[. . .]

“When you’re talking about transactions of tens of millions of dollars, you’d expect the CEO to know about it,” said Chris Caldwell, a former federal prosecutor now in private practice in Los Angeles.

You low-life lying sack of shit. If you hadn't done anything illegal, Enron would still be in business, you motherfucker. Now I see where President Untruth learned how to lie. You both suck at it.

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