08 July 2004

I like this

I like how this blog and The Alternate Brain have been working out, both separately and when X and I both get a hold of something and comment on it back and forth. Ol' X has a lot of comments regarding my personality, but that's okay. I learned to laugh at myself long ago. (Either that or I'd cry) X is doing good work and if you haven't been there yet, you should. Besides, X stays up later than I do. Shit, children stay up later than I do. Anyway, give a visit over there.

I'm also debating starting another with the same conditions. I'd play with the HTML and I'd turn the majority of the content over to someone like The X. Of course I'd put my two cents in too. I don't know if I have the time, but I'll let you folks know if I do. I'll probably hold 'auditions' or something to find someone with a slightly different point of view than The X and me. No Jesus freak, Neocon, Republican, Right to Life assholes, but I'd consider a REAL Conservative. Ah, let me think about it. And thanks to everyone for stopping by.

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