02 July 2004

And just one more

Because I thought of it. As I've told you, Mrs. F has to be on an EARLY train in the morning, so me and the mutt are up with her at 4 a.m. That means we go to bed early. We usually fall asleep to Star Trek reruns on Spike TV. Now, we have a timer on the TV and it shuts off long after we're asleep. Okay, you got it so far?

So, the TV usually turns off, still tuned to Spike TV. I know this because when I turn it on in the morning at 4, they have infomercials playing. Fine. You know they're for 'male enhancement products', right? Okay. Now I'm thinking, when I wake up, . . . frisky, shall we say, in the morning, is that some sort of subliminal shit? Do those informercials come on before the TV shuts off? Because I'm thinking as I lay there . . . frisky, 'man, I don't need that shit.' Have a nice weekend.

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