05 June 2004

Reagan near death?

This is from the Drudge nitwit, so take it for what it's worth until a more credible source confirms it.

Hollywood sources tell LA Weekly columnist Nikki Finke that former President Ronald Reagan's medical condition has suddenly worsened. "He really took a downslide today," the insider told Finke Friday evening. "Doctors are at the house. Things aren't good." At the start of the day, several news organizations chased down a rumor that the ex-president had died, but it wasn't true... Family members gathered at the Reagan's Bel Air home late Friday... Developing...

If Ronnie goes under, how quickly do you think Bush/Cheney '04 will try to use it for political gain? You know they'll wrap themselves in Reagan's aura to bring the real Conservatives back into the fold.

Update 08:45: MSNBC confirms Reagan's health deteriorating rapidly.

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